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13 Buy Now, Pay Later Stores (4 With No Credit Check)

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5. Bank of America Corp.
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Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing
Barney Thompson is legal correspondent
Effectively strengthening environmental protection

3. 3M
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在数十项小型、以科技为核心的收购中,对Beats Electronics的30亿美元收购成为苹果迄今最大的一笔收购。Beats Electronics是一家有著名音乐人背景的耳机制造商和音乐流媒体服务商。这笔收购仍然让许多苹果分析师感到困惑,但与Beats创始人吉米?艾欧文(Jimmy Iovine)和安德烈?罗米尔?扬(Dr. Dre)合作,让苹果忽略iTunes下载商店数年后,迅速在音乐界重建信誉。如果说库克对错过类似Spotify的音乐订阅服务的快速增长感到愧疚,那么他已迅速弥补了这一点——尽管付出了很高代价。

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But it's the best pay on offer for a major world leader.

Store Requires credit check? Charges interest? Charges additional fees?
Bloomingdale's Yes Yes Yes
Gap Yes Yes Yes
Kmart No No Yes
Macy's Yes Yes Yes
Neiman Marcus Yes Yes Yes
Nordstrom Yes Yes Yes
Sears No No Yes
Walmart Yes Yes Yes
Big Lots No No Yes
Conn's No No Yes
Lowe's Yes Yes Yes
Pottery Barn Yes Yes Yes
The Home Depot Yes Yes Yes

Buy Now, Pay Later Stores


Clothing and Department Stores


  • Buy now, pay later option: Bloomingdale’s Credit Card or Bloomingdale’s American Express[1]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; good to excellent credit score[1][2]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[3]
  • Interest: About 26%[3]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late and returned payments[3]
  • Apply


Note: You can also use Gap credit cards at Athleta, Banana Republic, and Old Navy (in retail stores and online).[4]

  • Buy now, pay later option: Gap Credit Card or Gap Silver Credit Card[4]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[4][5]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[6]
  • Interest: About 27%[6]
  • Fees: Up to $38 for late payments[6]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: WhyNotLeaseIt[7]
  • Requires credit check? No[7]
  • Payment schedule: Weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly[7]
  • Interest: None[7]
  • Fees: Leasing fees of 5% to 10%[7]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Macy’s Card[8]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[9][10]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[9]
  • Interest: About 26%[9]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late and returned payments[9]
  • Apply

Neiman Marcus

  • Buy now, pay later option: Neiman Marcus Credit Card[11]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[11][12]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[13]
  • Interest: About 26%[13]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late payments and up to $25 for return payments[13]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Nordstrom credit card or Nordstrom Visa[14]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[15]))[16]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[17]
  • Interest: About 26%[17]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late payments and up to $29 for returned payments[17]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: WhyNotLeaseIt[18]
  • Requires credit check? No[18]
  • Payment schedule: Weekly, twice a month, or monthly[18]
  • Interest: None[18]
  • Fees: Leasing fees of 5% to 10%[18]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Walmart Rewards Card or Capital One Walmart Rewards Card[19]
  • Requires credit check? Yes[20]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[20]
  • Interest: About 18% to 27%[20]
  • Fees: Late fees up to $39[20]
  • Apply

For other stores similar to Walmart that have financing, see our list of 互联网家装之后 谁能继续接棒?.

Home and Garden Stores

Big Lots

  • Buy now, pay later option: Progressive Leasing[21]
  • Requires credit check? No[21]
  • Payment schedule: Varies based on your paycheck schedule; first payment due at time of purchase[21]
  • Interest: No[22]
  • Fees: Vary based on your lease agreement[22]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Progressive Leasing[23]
  • Requires credit check? No[23]
  • Payment schedule: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly[23]
  • Interest: None[24]
  • Fees: Vary based on your lease agreement[24]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Lowe’s Advantage Card[25]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[26]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[27]
  • Interest: About 27%[27]
  • Fees: Up to $38 for late payments[27]
  • Apply

Pottery Barn

  • Buy now, pay later option: Pottery Barn Credit Card[28]
  • Requires credit check? Yes[28]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[29]
  • Interest: About 27%[29]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late and returned payments[29]
  • Apply

The Home Depot

  • Buy now, pay later option: The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card[30]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[31][32]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[31]
  • Interest: About 18% to 27%[31]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late payments[31]
  • Apply
  1. 以下是根据官方数据(所有收入均按市场汇率折合成了美元)得出的世界主要国家领导人收入排行。
    And despite exports having fallen 7.3 per cent during the same period.
    Song “I Love You China”(Wang Feng)
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